❓ Who are you?
πŸ’‘ We are Rhino Gaming! Our first Youtube videos date back to 2015 when Mortal Kombat X was still in its infancy. Majority of our early content was MKX Gameguardian tutorials, MKX hacking tutorials, character codes, and everything else that could help other Mortal Kombat players grow as fast possible or get the characters they want to play with. Many of our popular videos and some of the earliest ones have had to be deleted due to constant reports from both angry community members and the game devs.


❓ How can I trust you?
πŸ’‘ With +7 years of experience and the sheer volume of the orders we receive, we are THE most experienced MK Mobile service provider in the world. We could not have made it this far if without our dedicated community and our loyal customer base.

❓ Is this safe?
πŸ’‘ It should be obvious that any activity that goes against the game’s rules comes with some risk. However, after doing this for thousands of accounts we have recognized some of the key factors that can increase or decrease the risk of account suspension. So far NONE of the accounts that have had real in-game purchases from the in-app store have been suspended. This even includes accounts from 6-7 years ago that even had the high risk tower gear hack that resulted in a large number of bans.

❓ How do you know what is safe and what is not?
πŸ’‘ Behind the scenes we are constantly testing everything that we offer on hundreds (with an s!) of accounts on both Android and iOS. Our method is to batch accounts in groups of 10 and modify them while keeping track of all the variables. For instance, group A only receives souls packs with no in-app purchases. Group B receives hacks and also makes at least 1 purchase. Group C receives tower gear & souls with no in-app purchases, and so on. We have carefully analyzed the risk factor in each method that we use and that’s how we can confidently use the “100% safe” tag on some of our services.

❓ So any service with the “100% safe” tag is safe?
πŸ’‘ Yes…
BUT there are various things to consider. If the account has NEVER had any modifications made to it, has had no failed attempts at DIY hacking, has never been shared with other people, and has been created by the owners themselves (meaning not bought from someone else) then we can confidently guarantee the safety of our services. Otherwise, we can not take any responsibility since some of the things that have been done are out of our control.

❓ Do you buy accounts?
πŸ’‘ No. Each and every account that has been on the website for the past few years has been created by us and has never been shared with any other customers. There have been some rare cases of customers returning an account (usually as a way to buy a much stronger account with a discount) but those accounts will never be listed on the site again for security reasons. Many years ago we bought/traded a few accounts but due to all the issues we faced we were forced to stop and never consider the option again.


❓ How do you deliver the orders?
πŸ’‘ Upon receiving an order we contact the buyer via the email address they provide during the checkout and ask for the MK Mobile account information. We then login, play, and deliver everything that is ordered (and usually a lot of gifts! 🎁), logout of the account and ask the buyer to confirm whether everything is ok. After their approval we mark the order as “completed” on the site.

❓ Why aren’t some services available for iOS? / Why are iOS deliveries a lot slower than Android ones?
πŸ’‘ Each OS varies significantly in its structure. iOS is extremely limiting when it comes to customization, coding, editing apps, and in general doing anything beside what Apple considers “normal” use. There are no parts of the code that can be automated. There are many parts of the game files that are inaccessible. There are also no emulators that let us run multiple instances at once. This means everything needs a lot more hands-on time and also needs a real iPhone dedicated to it. At the moment we have 3 iPhones 14s dedicated to deliveries but still, sometimes we are not able to start an order right away.

❓ How do you get all these accounts if they are not bought?
πŸ’‘ During the MKX days (before the game was revamped into MKM) for each video we created a new account and in our free time we created as many accounts as we could. That lead to hundreds of unused accounts. As mentioned previously we also constantly test our services with hundreds of accounts and over time they end up with incredible kollections.

❓ I have no coding background and don’t know anything about rooting/jailbreaking phones. Can you teach me how to do it all?
πŸ’‘ Of course. Recently we added THIS PACK so that those who want to do it on their own can learn all about it.


❓ I don’t want to do ANYTHING that involves crypto. Can I just use a credit card to make a simple purchase?
πŸ’‘ Yes! We have done our best to provide as many payment options as possible. Just contact us and let us know your cart’s total amount. We will send you a link where you can use your card to make a purchase just by entering the card information. Similar to most other online purchases, your card information is encrypted and it’s not shared with the store.

❓ I don’t know anything about crypto. How can I make the payment?
πŸ’‘ Fortunately, over the past 2-3 years things have become a lot more streamlined. Coinbase (the website or the app) allows you to easily buy one of the currencies we accept using a bank card. You can then withdraw that to our addresses.

❓ I know how to send/receive crypto. Do I have to use Coinbase?
πŸ’‘ You don’t have to. We also accept direct crypto payments in almost all currencies as long as they are listed and have a stablecoin pair (x/USDT, x/USDC, x/BUSD) on Binance.

❓ I don’t know anything about crypto and I don’t have a bank/credit card. What can I do?
πŸ’‘ We understand that some of our young customers don’t have their own bank accounts and can not make the payments. For them we are willing to make exceptions and accept payments via Youtube memberships.

❓ If you can accept payments via Youtube so easily, why don’t you use that more often?
πŸ’‘This is an extremely inefficient method since Youtube and taxes take almost 50% of the funds. Bad currency conversion rates and fees of Google also take some more. By the time we receive the payment almost 70-80% of it is gone, making the whole process not worthwhile.

❓ Why isn’t there an option to simply pay using a bank card just like I do on Amazon?
πŸ’‘ Payments are an extremely complicated topic. Each country has its own laws and restrictions and each bank has different criteria for what they accept. Things get even more confusing when the payments come in every day from multiple different countries in different currencies. That makes it virtually impossible to have that as a reliable option.

❓ Why not Cashapp/Venmo/Square/Skrill?
πŸ’‘ Majority of those payment methods are either only available in the US or leave out most parts of the world. We have customers from +100 countries in 6 continents (no penguins) so relying on methods that exclude most of them is not a viable option, especially when safer methods are available.

❓ Why not Paypal?
πŸ’‘ Unfortunately Paypal is not allowed to operate in our country of residence. Also, fuck Paypal.

❓ Is there a step by step guide for the payments?
πŸ’‘ Indeed. Here is a STEP BY STEP GUIDE.


❓ How can I contact you?
πŸ’‘ You can reach out to us in any way you find convenient. The easiest ways are emails, live chat on the site, and Youtube comments. We reply almost immediately if it’s not during our sleeping hours. We also check Instagram/Facebook comments every once in a while but sometimes it takes weeks before we find time to answer all those DMs.